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Week of March 29th:

The Chosen

This week, Youtube is showing an 8-episode livestream of “The Chosen”, a narrative chronicling the life of Jesus. Those who have viewed it have stated that it’s like watching the Bible come to life before your eyes. You can view it here.

Scripture Type

Here’s a great website i’ve found that puts aesthetically pleasing Bible verses on everything from coffee mugs to wood stumps to posters. While their products are for purchase, they offer a free download page for you to use their designs as wallpaper on your phone, tablet, or pc. See for yourself here.

Epic by Tim Challies

I’ve enjoyed reading Tim Challies over the years, and have benefited greatly from his blog. Like me, he also enjoys both church history and world travel. His most recent book, Epic, is an around-the-world journey through Christian history. He’s also created a documentary that follows the book, and has released Episode 8 – India for us to watch for free. You can find it here.

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