Articles to Consider – May 2nd

If the Bible is Wrong, I’m So, So Wrong

By Tim Challies. “But as time goes by and I continue to live out my little life in this world, I become more and more convinced that there’s nothing better than to go all-in with the Bible. I’ve come to realize I’m so all-in that if the Bible is wrong, I’m wrong.”

My Wedding Plans Changed. God Didn’t.

By Stephanie Greer. “Wedding season is upon us, but this time it’s different. Spring usually brings bridal showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties… but in the era of COVID-19, spring’s showers fall like tears.”

Meet My Neighbors

By Melanie Ratcliffe. “When the pandemic is over, will you be closer to those around you?  Will you know more than just their names? Movies on the lawn, dinners, and front yard bonfires are what we look forward to now. Maybe that will become the norm instead of the exception.”

Published by Patrick Harmon

Executive Pastor @ First Baptist North Augusta

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