Articles to Consider – April 24th

It’s Not Often in Life You Get a Do-Over (So Take the Do-Over)

By Tim Challies. “Before you go back to what was normal, decide whether this is the normal you want. Take the do-over! Take the opportunity to assess, to evaluate, to carefully and prayerfully ponder the kind of life you want, the kind of life you believe the Lord is calling you to live.”

Some Reflections, Growing Out of the Recent Epidemic of Influenza That Afflicted Our City

By Rev. Francis J. Grimké (Nov. 3, 1918). Want to know what life was like when a virus swept across the world ~100 years ago and affected roughly 1/3 of the world’s population? Take a few minutes and read this reflective sermon by the pastor of Fifteenth Street Presbyterian in Washington D.C. And for a summary, of the sermon check out the recent episode of 5 Minutes in Church History.

Productivity in a Pandemic

By Daniel Patterson. We are creatures in need of regular rest and renewal. In a time like this, the end goal is not achievement, but faithfulness.

Published by Patrick Harmon

Executive Pastor @ First Baptist North Augusta

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