Articles to Consider – April 10th Update

Do We Really Want to Go Back to Normal?

Author Trevin Wax wants us to consider if the way things were progressing with our culture before COVID-19 are really what we want to get back to when this thing ends. Answer: NO!

Parents: Three Motivations to Avoid

By Jason K. Allen. “In fact, if I could wish away three parental motives from my heart, and from others, it would be these: ambition, fear, and pride.”

5 Ways COVID-19 Helps Our Church

By Stephen Cutchins. “You don’t have to be a big church in a big community to have a significant impact on the lives of a non-local community of faith. The fact that the playing ground is now more equal among larger and smaller churches has caused me to feel more common ground with other pastors and churches. It is an excellent reminder that we all work for the same guy, Jesus Christ.”

Published by Patrick Harmon

Executive Pastor @ First Baptist North Augusta

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